Friday, November 1, 2019

Discrimination in the work place. Workplace Safety Research Paper

Discrimination in the work place. Workplace Safety - Research Paper Example There are high numbers of employees who lose their lives while others become physically or mentally incapacitated by the kind of work they engage in. ( cited in work place safety ) This research focuses on area of discrimination of single women in the work place. The research begins on the hypothesis that ‘Single women are discriminated in the work place’. The research will be looking at different methods of data collection in order to establish whether the hypothesis is valid or null. The research will be looking at whether single women get promoted in their places of work as compared to their married counterparts, do they receive pay rises at the same rate as their married counterparts, does the work place treat them more harshly as compared to their married counterparts?, these are some of the questions that the hypothesis will be trying to answer. The Research Process The research process is divided into various processes that may at times overlap but largely work in dependent of each other. The research process will entail doing research in a number of work places specialised in different fields of profession. It will be a sampling process that will see us sample the population size to a sample size of only 15 single mothers. The process is as follows. 1. Defining the area of research specifically; our area of research will be conducted in eight major companies whereby we will be seeking to conduct a research on the single mothers in these companies. The four companies are ‘ABC Forex’, Savannah Coffee Lounge, Barclays Bank, Mayfair Casino, Deloitte, TNT, Securex, Westgate. All the eight areas have people specialised in different fields major companies whereby 2. Developing an overview of the area of study or what we intend to achieve. This is one of the most important parts of this research. In the research, we will be seeking to find out whether the single and married women in the work place face any kind of discrimination as comp ared to the male and married counterparts. Here we will be expecting answers either in the positive or in the negative with reasons to support these answers. 3. Determine methods of data collection. In our research various methods will be used. However, sampling will be the major method of research. The research method will be supplemented by other methods such as interviews, questionnaires, observation, focus groups, and mail surveys. This methods will be necessary in coming up with all the data required in a very efficient and effective manner. 4. Determining information requirements. This is where we have to make a choice on whether we may need to adopt and survey other reports on research done by others I this area of discrimination among single women in the workplace. 5. Organization of the information. This is where we will need to organize the information collected in the study. The information will have to be organized in a systematic manner in different sections each showin g how we have been conducting the process right from the beginning of the process to the ultimate end of it. 6. Analysis and evaluation of the information. This is where we will be analysing and giving critical inferences about our research process. We will be seeking to either support or dismiss the hypothesis based on our research. This is one crucial part as it forms the main reason as to why the research was conducted in the first place.(Research Methods) The Research Process As stated earlier, the research involved a study conducted among people working in different areas of specialisation. All the women involved were single some mothers, others widowed and others still had just cleared from school and had just begun working. The research was as

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